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     RSSI wish to thank NASA and NASA Internet staff for their great cooperation.
Especially thanks to the people who started with us RSSI Project: Anthony Villasenor, Elisa Gerich, Mike Newell, Artur Lee Wide, Jeanine Kamerdze.
In October 1993, NASA Internet hosted three russian engineers for a three week training program which included courses on the following subjects: router configuration, IP routing, Domain Name Service, network security, network trouble shooting and network management.
In May 1995, two RSSI engineers received additional training in network security and network operations at the NASA Internet site. Great thanks Jeanine Kamerdze, Todd Welsh and all NI NOC staff who provided training for us.
Several times NASA Internet engineers went to Russia to provide training here, in Space Research Institute.
RSSI NOC staff would like to thank Angelo Calabresse for training in Remedy AR System and Spectrum tools in May 1996.

     Also RSSI would like to thank RSSI Ex-Technical Project Manager Alexei Sadchikov and RSSI Ex-Network Administrator Artiom Beliaev, who started RSSI Project from Russian site.

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