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     RSSI Network Operation Centre (NOC) provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring and maintaining of all RSSI network components (including routers, leased lines to sites, interconnection links, dialup service, telecommunication equipment and etc.) from Network Operation Centre Interconnect Facility at Space Research Institute RAS in Moscow.

Telecommunication area
Racks with telecommunication equipment located at special
telecommunication area.

RSSI NOC staff coordinates with:

  • NASA Internet NOC to isolate and resolve circuit, routing hardware and/or software failures;
  • Russian networks NOCs to isolate and resolve circuit, routing hardware and/or software failures;
  • Circuit providers to isolate and resolve circuit failures;
  • LAN Administrators of sites

Network analyst monitoring RSSI configuration from monitoring room.

Monitoring room
RSSI Monitoring Room.

RSSI NOC identify network failures through:

  • NMS alarms and monitoring tools
  • Troubleshooting tools (traceroute, ping, nslookup and etc.)
  • Router interface statistics
  • Reports of other NOCs
  • User reports and calls

Tools for RSSI Network Management includes:

  • Network Monitoring Tools:
    • Spectrum v3.1 Cabletron Systems network management software
    • ZyView v2.5, ZyXEL modem monitoring software
    • Locally developed software for monitoring dialup connections

  • Database Management Tools:
    • Action Request System 2.0 Remedy database software

  • Web-based NOC Information Service
Operations Contact Points

     If you have problems with RSSI network services, contact NOC staff by e-mails or calls.

Svetlana Belova, RSSI Network Manager,
Technical Support, Planning, Requests & Including,
phone: 7-095-3333467
Olga Starostina, NOC Manager,
Network Monitoring Services
phone: 7-095-3333523
Oleg Revin, Network engineer
Telecommunication Equipment Support,
phone: 7-095-3334113
Victor Kiranoff, Unix Hosts Administrator
DNS Support & Postmaster
phone: 7-095-3333467
Kirill Samoylov, Network engineer
User Support
phone: 7-095-3333467
Dmitry Gordeev, Hardware engineer
Cabling System Support,
phone: 7-095-3334113
RSSI Monitoring (24 hours a day / 7days a week)
phone: 7-095-3333523
Network analysts Staff:
Vera Belova
Olga Strelova
Tatiana Sutiagina
Elena Sicheva
Elena Timonina
Galina Juravleva

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