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         Here you can find contact points of administration in organizations affiliated RSSI.





    ASC. Astro Space Centre , Lebedev Physical Institute RAS, Moscow.Alexander Pimakov 7-095-3332312-
    BERC. Babakin Research Centre, Moscow.Sergei Zatsepin 7-095-5738180
    GCTC. Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, Star City, Moscow Region.Andrew K. Zhukovsky 7-095-5265491-
    CEMI. Central Economical Mathematical Institute RAS, Moscow.Nikolay N. Gurin7-095-1291411
    DNTTM. The House of Childrens Science Technical Creativity, Moscow.Alexei Nogin 7-095-9540012-
    EIMB. Engelhardt Institute for Molecular Biology RAS, Moscow. Fedor N. Gnuchev7-095-1352325-
    GS. Experimental Methodical Expedition, Geophysical Survey of RAS, Kaluga Region, Obninsk. Mikhail P. Barmin
    Vladimir M. Vorobiov
    7-095-9126872 7-095-3342002
    IBMP. Institute for Bio-Medical Problems, Moscow.Anton Scorohodov7-095-1952053-
    IKI RAS. Space Research Institute RAS, Moscow.Michael N. Boyarsky7-095-33314887-095-9133040
    INASAN. Institute of Astronomy RAS, Moscow. Oleg Smirnov 7-095-2310881-
    ICP. Semenov Institute of Chemistry Physics Rassian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.Gennady O. Eremenko7-095-9361772 -
    IGEMI. Institute for Geo-Electromagnetic Research RAS, Moscow Region, Troitsk.Mikhail Y. Zakharov7-095-3335313
    IOFFE. Ioffe Physical Technical Institute RAS, St. Peterburg.Andrew V. Vilegjianin 7-812-24793057-812-2472135
    IPU. Institute for Management Problems RAS, Moscow.Andrey A. Glazkin7-095-3349120-
    IPPE. Institute for Physics and Power Engineering RAS, Kaluga Region,Obninsk.Alexey G. Sergeev
    Vadim P. Beletsky
    IRE. Institute for Radioelectronic and Engineering, Moscow Region, Friazino.Alexander B. Zablov7-095-5269268-
    ISF. International Science Foundation Moscow Office.Stanislav Sineagin7-095-9562155
    IZMIRAN. Institute for Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radioware Propagation RAS, Moscow Region, Troitsk.Mikhail Y. Zakharov7-095-3335313
    KIAM. Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics RAS, Moscow, Miusskaya st.Alexander Strelkov 7-095-9723705 -
    KIAM1. Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics RAS, Moscow, Profsoyuznaya str.Alexander Lapinsky7-095-3336301-
    KSC. Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center, Krasnoyarsk Region.Anatoly N. Sudakov 7-3912-494767 -
    MCC. Mission Control Centre, Kaliningrad, Moscow Region.Alexander F. Butovchenko

    Sergey Luhminskiy

    MCCME. Centre for continuous mathematical education, Moscow.Victor Chimenko7-095-7315450-
    MITPAN. Earthquake Prognoze Institute, Moscow. Ilia M. Turetsky 7-095-1104722-
    MPTI. Moscow Physical Technical Institute. Alexander Bragzhnikov7-095-3332166 -
    NAUKA. "Nauka" Publishing House RAS, Moscow.Ekaterina V. Gurevich7-095-3339302-
    NPI. Nuclear Physics Institute Sibirian Division RAS, Novosibirsk.Sergei D. Belov7-3832-359177-
    PFU. Peoples Friendship University, Moscow.Vladimir N. Fedchenko7-095-4342029
    PFUM. Medicine Department of Peoples Friendship University, Moscow.Vladimir D. Protsenko7-095-4339393-
    SCSML. State Central Scientifical Medical Library, Moscow.Olga P. Kotelnikova7-095-120-24-85-
    SIO. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS, Moscow.Sergey A. Sviridov7-095-1245979-
    UIPE. United Institute for Physics of the Earth.Mikhail Zhizhin (Jijine)7-095-9306115

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