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SPACENet & InfoSpace   ESAnet GW  CNES GW 
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     Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences is a leader in networking and communications in Russia through its networking projects and cooperations.
Space Research Institute Interconnections are presented at this picture:

IKI Interconnections


SPACENet , a remote site of EUnet/Relcom, provides access to the worldwide Internet from computers and local area networks in Moscow and Moscow Region . Any individual or organization may purchase direct leased line for IP-connection or certain dial-in service which allows users to connect to the Internet using a modem. Organizations become SPACENet affiliates and receive IP addressing and DNS support, as well as the technical support and 24-hours-a-day / 7-days-a-week user support. Space Research Institute Interconnect Network Operation Centre staff monitors and maintains SPACENet.

SPACENet - EUnet/Relcom link : 512 Kbps digital circuit.

See also InfoSpace Zone Project.

ESAnet GW at Space Research Institute

Space Research Institute Interconnect Network Operation Centre staff assists European Space Agency (ESA) technical and operation staff in supporting ESAnet connections. X25, voice, fax, SNA, TCPIP connections are supported with ESA Office in Moscow, Space Research Institute, Russian Space Agency, Mission Control Centre, Kosmonaut Training Centre, Rocket Space Company "Energia" and RKK "Zvezda". The basic "helpdesk" for users in this organizations provides also.

Space Research Institute RAS (Moscow) - ESOC (ESA, Darmstadt, Germany) link: 256Kbps satellite circuit.

CNES GW at Space Research Institute

Space Research Institute RAS (Moscow) - CNES (Tolouse, France) link: 40.8Kbps.

Space Reserch Institute Network.

The primary purpose of Space Research Institute network is to provide communication requirements for science community in our Institute, missions and projects MARS 96, Mir Space Station, Spectrum X Gamma/Spectrum R Gamma and other.

See also WHOIS InfoService.

Workshops and seminars

Monthly workshop at Space Research Institute " Computer Networks: Problems & Solutions" (CONPAS).

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