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RSSI title

    Peering and Transit Agreement
    NASA Integrated Services Network (NISN)
    Russian Space Science Internet (RSSI)
    January 1998

    Appendix D

    RSSI Acceptable Use Policy
    November 1996

    RSSI Acceptable Use Policy

    The following acceptable use statement forms basic principles of the Russian Space Science lnternet activity.

    The RSSI's mission is to provide a computer communications network designed to support Russian Science flight mission, discipline research programs, research and .education institutes and non-profit organizations.


    RSSI provides its services in accordance to Russian Federation legislation and terms of appropriate licenses owned by Space Research Institute.

    • The Russian Space Science Internet supports all science flight missions and space research programs in Russia.
    • The Russian Space Science lnternet supports all science programs and research projects in Russia.
    • The Russian Space Science lntemet supports all education programs and projects in Russia and elsewhere.
    • The Russian Space Science lnternet is not to be used for private gain or p rof it.


    • Usage of the Russian Space Science lnternet to support Russian space research and associated technical activities at non-profit institutions and centers of research and science is acceptable.
    • Usage of the Russian Space Science lnternet for research, education and medical non-profit institutions and organizations is permissible.

    The use of the RSSI Network is inappropriate when that use:

    • Compromises the privacy of users and their personal data.
    • Damages the integrity of a computer system, or the data or programs stored on a computer system.
    • Disrupts the intended use of system or network resources.
    • Wastes resources (people, network bandwidth, or CPU cycles).
    • Uses or copies proprietary software when not authorized to do so.
    • Uses a computer system as a conduit for unauthorized access attempts on other computer systems.
    • Uses a government, institution, corporation, or university-owned system for private purposes or for purposes not in the direct interest of the government, institution, corporation, or university.
    • Consists of unauthorized and excessive snooping, probing or otherwise connecting to a node or nodes in a manner which is deemed not to be of an authorized nature.
    • Results in the unloading, downloading, modification, or removal of files on any node in the network for which such action is not authorized.

    Incidents of misuse and abuse of the RSSI Network by hackers or overly curious network users have necessitated certain limitations to be imposed in order to ensure the continued security and integrity of the network.

    • All user requests for the Russian Space Science lnternet connectivity must be validated and supported by Network Coordination Center at the Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).
    • All user requests for Russian Space Science lntemet connectivity in Saint Petersburg and Region must be validated and approved by the Network Coordination Center at the loffe Physical Technical Institute.

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    Updated: 18,June 1998

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