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RSSI title

    Peering and Transit Agreement
    NASA Integrated Services Network (NISN)
    Russian Space Science Internet (RSSI)
    January 1998

    Appendix C

    NASA NISN Security Policy
    March 1996

    NASA Integrated Services Network Network Security Policy

    The NASA Integrated Services Network (NISN) is fully interconnected with the lnternet and other networks. In general, valid users enjoy unrestricted network access. However, access from the lnternet or other sites to or through NASA/ NASA Integrated Services Network resources is only authorized when that access is in conjunction with valid work or project-related requirements.
    The use of the NASA Integrated Services Network is inappropriate when that use:
    • Compromises the privacy of users and their personal data.
    • Damages the integrity of a computer system, or the data or programs stored on a computer system.
    • Disrupts the intended use of system or network resources.
    • Wastes resources (people, network bandwidth, or CPU cycles).
    • Uses or copies proprietary software when not authorized to do so.
    • Uses a computer system as a conduit for unauthorized access attempts on other computer systems.
    • Uses a government, corporation, or university-owned system for private purposes or for purposes not in the direct interest of the government, corporation, or university.
    • Consists of unauthorized and excessive snooping, probing or otherwise connecting to a node or nodes in a manner which is deemed not to be of an authorized nature.
    • Results in the unloading, downloading, modification, or removal of files on any node in the network for which such action is not authorized.
    Incidents Of Misuse and abuse of the NASA Integrated Services Network by hackers or overly curious network users have necessitated certain limitations to be imposed in order to ensure the continued security and integrity of the network.

    As long as activity is related to and necessary for the completion of a person's work, then that activity is generally considered an authorized use of the network, and is allowed. In cases where a person's work might generate multiple or random network connections, it is advised that such activity be coordinated with the Network Operations Center or the remote system managers so as not to inadvertently cause a security incident.

    Use of the NASA Integrated Services Network to gain unauthorized use of resources attached to the NASA Integrated Services Network may result in disconnection and legal prosecution.

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