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     Russian Space Science Internet (RSSI) is a successful result of RSSI Project. It is one of the non-profit networks in Russia. According to Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) RSSI provides access to worldwide Internet for Russian science community, including:

- space oriented organizations;
- academic and research centres;
- medical organizations;
- educational organizations.

RSSI offers for its members :

  • direct IP connections via fiber-optic, digital or analog circuits;
  • dialup service ;
  • videoconferences via MBONE Internet protocol (there are 2 tunnels available now through the general IP network: one to NASA Internet, and another to Moscow State University);
  • technical support and consulting for RSSI members by high qualified engineering staff;
  • 24 hours a day / 7 days a week network monitoring and user support by RSSI NOC staff.

     RSSI interconnecting routing system bases on BGP4 protocol. It is designed so that all organizations connected to the RSSI gain access to the resources of Russian computer networks as well as world wide Internet. As it is shown on RSSI Interconnections Map the current routing scheme is oriented to two peer interconnect exchange points in Moscow:

  • RMIX - Moscow Fiberoptic Backbone. Southern Moscow Fiberoptic Backbone uses TCP/IP as its transport protocol. It joins russian scientific community via FDDI (Fiber Distribute Data Interface) technology in its DAS (Dual Attached Stations) version. FDDI communication line was built by NPP "ROTEK".
  • M9-IX - Moscow Internet eXchange at M9 node. Space Research Institute situated near M9 node connects to M9-IX via 1 Gbps fiberoptic link.

The Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center
"SPUTNIK" Server

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